What is Dramatherapy?


Dramatherapy belongs to the family of the Arts Therapies alongside Music, Art, Play and Dance Movement Psychotherapy. It is an active form of psychotherapy that encourages the creative expression of thoughts and feelings in a way that can lead to greater self-awareness and help make problems more manageable.

Dramatherapy offers alternative and creative ways of communicating and understanding what may feel difficult to put into words and overwhelming to deal with. Dramatherapy encourages the use of metaphors to enable the exploration and understanding of difficult issues at a distance. The engagement in an ‘as if’ reality opens possibilities for safe and contained ways of understanding personal difficulties, thoughts and emotions.

As an expressive form of therapy, dramatherapy ignites creative resources within the individual, leading in turn to new skills, greater confidence, resilience and an ability to deal more effectively with situations arising in life.

For more information please visit: The British Association of Dramatherapists:  badth.org.uk